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Created in 2008 in the city of Cali, Colombia, the "Guacala Collective" is a group of people made up of designers, illustrators and painters. They work on various projects, from digital illustrations, large format paintings, to interventions on objects or commercial spaces. The main focus behind their work is designing intriguing characters, usually in a dark or humorous way

Ø: What led you on this artistic path and what influenced your style?

GC: The artistic influences behind our style are music, funny stories and our friends. A huge influence are the animated series of the 80s or 90s we all grew up with. "Beavis & Butthead" and "Ren & Stimpy" are two of the many TV series that marked the development of the collective. We like the crazy and funny characters a lot! A great influence of our childhood was "Garbage Pail Kids", which fed our desire to become illustrators and create stories with images.

Ø: What are the "BEER FEST", "BOXING FIGHT", and "GUACALA WOLF" about?

GC: The illustration of the wolf is inspired by the concept of the hidden, mystical, dark animal. In many cultures, nocturnal animals have always been associated with the occult and mythology, or believed to be guardians of nature and protectors of the world.

The illustrations of the boxing glove and the beer pint are influenced by the early classical Disney characters. We love giving life to everyday objects and humanise them, offering them funny personalities.

Ø: What keeps you busy? What are you working on?

GC: We’re currently working with several international clothing brands from places like Mexico, the US, France, Canada, Greece, Italy and Poland.  We create designs for t-shirts, backpacks and other products. With other companies we’re engaged in projects such as designing brands for motorcycle helmets or designing characters.

We develop many of our projects with friends, but we also collaborate with other artists from different countries to create illustrations together. We love working with people from all over, creating new and fun things all the time!



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