On occasion we will make artwork available to pre-order before it has arrived with us from our printing partners. The artwork we have marked as "pre-order" has gone through set up and proofing, so the colours, ink quality, paper quality and print quality have already been checked and confirmed with the printer, meaning that we are just waiting for the artwork printing to be completed and for the prints to arrive to us.


When buying an art piece on "pre-order", the order is treated exactly the same as when we sell an item "in stock". Once you have completed your purchase on the store you will receive a confirmation of your order and the price you have paid is deducted from your selected payment method. At this point an "in stock" item would ship within 24/48 hours to you, however "pre-order" items can ship as soon as they arrive to us from our printer, as we quote an estimated shipping date in red on the product page.


If you change your mind about your pre-order and wish to cancel you can do this at any time before we ship your product. If your order has already shipped and you wish to cancel your order you would have to follow the returns procedure. You can find details of that HERE.


Please be aware that pre-order estimates can change as they are based on the quoted printing and delivery times we are given by our printer. However these quoted times are reasonably accurate. We will always keep pre-order customers informed if the times change, whether that is earlier or later than the quoted shipping time.


If you need further information on pre-ordering, please drop us an email at hello [ AT ] zerocorp [ DOT ] gallery. You can also talk to us on messenger by clicking the small blue speech bubble on the bottom right hand corner of the screen or use our contact form HERE.